Revitalize your car interior with Beneloom Upholstery Services. Whether you want to repair, replace or even customize your car interior, Beneloom has a great variety of services for you!


This is not merely car upholstery, It is the ultimate fashion language for cars like yours.

Beneloom has reinvented traveling in style. Get Sophisticated bespoke vehicle interiors designed to your taste.

Ever-present within the latest design practices, the beneloom custom interiors utilize delicate and exotic raw materials carefully crafted to give your car a seamless tactile, visuals, and emotional experience.

Superior craftsmanship, imaginative ergonomics, and sleek aesthetics reflect your outstanding reputation. Beneloom is committed to transforming your vehicle into a modern piece of art that’s as refined and alluring as you.

The time is now to join the Prestigious and glamourous.

Idea & Inspiration.
Design Creation.
Realization in Life.

We offer full interior customization.

Portray the star sequence as they are painted on the backdrop of the night sky.
Display the stars in graphic patterns and shapes.
 Color customization of the stars.
Wirelessly remote control for a unique cabin experience.
One year material warranty
Three years Warranty on Electronics

Get the sporty look that you are looking for!

Carbon adornment on your underlines your personality and makes your car stand out from the crowd. Give your vehicle a sporty look and breathe some “urban life” into it. That is what the sporty look is all about! Like it or not, the sporty look this carbon adornment gives your car is the thing now for anyone who wants to get that robust vibe. 

Increase the car perceived value.
Robust & sporty feel.
Unique appearance.
Speaks prestige.
Variety of colors.
5 Star finishing.

Get a satisfying visual upgrade to your interior.
Spark more inspiration within you.
State-of-the-art Beneloom studios.
Custom Color Seat Belt Webbing.

Seat Belt Rewebbing

Inspiring Interiors

Inspiration plus Realization in Life


Display the stars in graphic patterns and shapes


Cut and crafted & custom molded car carpets


Get the sporty look that you are looking for


Custom Color Seat Belt Webbing
Seat Belt Rewebbing

The Beneloom adornments come in high-grade eco-leather that is 9 times more durable than animal skin leather. The eco-leather is manufactured from PVC and PU. Not only do they come in realistic leather-like finishes, but they also come in over 200+ colors to give you more choice. You are destined to get as bespoke as you have always wanted to be with such a variety.


Adding brilliance to your opulent ride.
Cut and crafted & custom molded car carpets.
Predesigned & fully customizable options.
Premium look and supreme comfort.
Exceptional quality.
Personal customization.
Brand customization.
Ingenuity designs.