Torn leather seats won’t get you the dates you want! Well, that’s us intruding into your personal life, but the truth is, Damaged leather seats diminish the value of your car. They make expensive cars feel cheap they suck out inspiration out of your vehicle. But guess what? There is a permanent solution to all that pain. It is called SeatRevive by Beneloom. Get those torn and damaged car seats revived and restored to grandeur! With our top-notch Upholstery service, you will get.

13 years in the UAE

own installation technology

Genuine Materials

Ideal Straight Stitching

Simple upholstery repairs.
Fully customized leather seat.
Fully custom leather seat covers.
High quality materials.
Top notch precise finishing.
Seat replacement.
Status upgrade.
Uplift your car value.
And more.

Don't take our words for it!